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Among many mainstream artists, SZA net worth is something that is often searched on Google, along with many more singers.

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Who is SZA?

Solána Imani Rowe, professionally known as SZA, is an American R&B singer, music video director, and songwriter.

SZA net worth as of 2023 is around $6 million. Her music career accumulates a large portion of her wealth. 

In 2017, she released a debut album called “Ctrl”, which reached 1# on the Billboard Top R&B Albums chart and was nominated for Grammys, Golden Globes, and Academy Awards Nomination. 

SZA is a highly talented artist who collaborated with many other mainstream artists like DJ Khaled, Maroon 5, and Doja Cat.

SZA was also featured in a song by Doja Cat called “Kiss me more,” which became viral and won a Grammy award.

Early Life

Solána Imani Rowe, known as Sza on the internet, is a famous American R&B singer, songwriter, and music video director. She was born on November 8, 1989, in St. Louis, Missouri.

She spent her childhood in a Muslim household in Maplewood, New Jersey. SZA father worked as an executive producer at CNN, while her mother worked as an executive at AT&T. Her father is Muslim, while her mother is Christian.

SZA has an older brother named Daniel, who goes by the name “Manhattan”. She also has an older half-sister named “Tiffany Daniels.” 

Sza was very fond of sports that required athleticism and physical activities. Sza participated in many sporting events back in 2005 while growing up. She attended Sophomore High school, where she was ranked 5th in Sporting contests.

She was raised in a Muslim household and continues to preach and follow her religion. After September 2001 incident, she faced many bullies and hatred from her middle school classmates for being a Muslim. She opted to remove her Hijab for a time so that she could fit in.

She was also prohibited from watching the TV and listening to the radio. The only music SZA could listen to was Jazz. However, her sister supported Sza in her difficult times and exposed SZA to the world of music.

After completing her graduation from High school in 2008, she joined three separate colleges, finally attending Delaware State University, where she could study marine biology. 

SZA eventually dropped out of college in the last semester and looked for opportunities and random jobs to support herself financially.

SZA got her stage name from the supreme alphabet, taking inspiration from the Wu-tang clan. Her name is very unique and holds lots of deep meanings. The last two letters of her name, “SZA”, stand for zig-zag and Allah, whereas the first letter can stand for saviour or sovereign.

Early Career

SZA began her music career when she first released her EP and debuted with “See.SZA.Run” on 29 October 2012. The same year she released her second EP called “S”.

She later signed deals with Top Dawg Entertainment in July 2013 and became the first woman with TDE. 

In April 2014, she released her third EP called “Z” with TDE, which ranked #5 on the Billboard R&B chart and #9 on Billboard R&B/Hip-hop Chart.

Since then, Sza has collaborated with many mainstream artists, featuring in Travis Scott’s “Child’s Play” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Babylon”.

SZA has directed numerous music videos, including “Teen Spirit”, “Broken Clocks”, and “Babylon”, and has also written songs for Travis Scott, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj.

SZA was also featured in Kendrick Lamar’s single “All the Stars”, which became so viral it broke the internet and ranked #4 on the US R&B chart. 

The song was also featured as a lead album of Marvel’s Black Panther, and the music video of this song surpassed 400 million views on YouTube. 

In April 2021, Doja Cat released a song featuring SZA called “Kiss Me More”, The song was a massive hit and became a trend on TikTok. It also peaked in the Billboard Top 100 chart. 

SZA Net Worth and Biography

Name Solána Imani Rowe
Nickname SZA
Profession R&B Singer, Songwriter, Music Video Director
Net Worth $6 million
Date of Birth 8 November 1990
Height 5 ft 3 inches (1.62m)
Weight 60 kg (132 lbs)
Instagram @sza
Twitter @sza
Facebook SZA

Brand Endorsements and Other Ventures

SZA is undoubtedly one of the most popular and influential singers out there, and she’s one of the best choices in terms of marketing and advertisements.

SZA has done various brand endorsements and appeared in many commercials, including GAP Apparell, Ivy Park’s Spring, Ford Focus and many other sponsorships. 

She has earned a lot of money from these commercial and brand endorsements.

Awards and Nominations

SZA has won many awards and was nominated for over 57 nominations, including 14 Grammy, Academy Awards, and Golden Globe nominations.

SZA has managed to win 16 awards which is pretty impressive. She has won 2 MTV Video Music Awards, Rulebreaker Awards, London Pop Award Songs, Soul Train Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, 2 BET Awards, Best New Artist 2018, and many others.

SZA Net Worth

SZA is a very professional singer and has recently been on trending for quite a while now. She has produced many songs that topped billboard charts, and now people often wonder about SZA net worth.

SZA net worth as of 2023 is a whopping $6 million. She attains a large portion of her wealth through her music career and brand endorsements on social media.

Some Interesting Facts about SZA

  • SZA net worth as of 2023 is around $6 million
  • SZA grew up in a Muslim household and practices Islam
  • She is into athleticism and sports
  • She can speak several languages fluently
  • She has collaborated with many mainstream artists.

FAQs about SZA

What is SZA net worth?

Sza net worth, as of 2023, is around $6 million.

How old is SZA?

Sza, as of 2023, is 33 years old. She was born on November 8, 1989.

How tall is SZA?

Sza stands around 5 ft 3 inches (1.62m).

Where is SZA from?

Sza was born in St. Louis, Missouri and was raised in Maplewood, New Jersey.

Does SZA speak Spanish?

Yes, Sza has revealed on Twitter that she’s fluent in several languages, including Spanish. 

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