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On our page, you can check a famous musician named Rod Wave net worth, age, weight, height, and many more details. Before moving further, let’s take a step back and take a quick idea about Rod Wave net worth. Rod Wave net worth is around $5 million in 2023, according to his recent research. If we talk about Rod Wave first famous album, named “Rookie of the Year.”

Rookie of the Year was the first start of Rod Wave’s career that kicked him up toward new heights of success, and that’s how Rod Wave net worth grew up mind-blowingly and started a new journey as a singer and a songwriter. According to his Personal Assistant, Rod Wave doesn’t use to do live performances because Rod Wave is a shy person and doesn’t want to face many people; that’s why he ignores these kinds of activities.

After receiving many questions from his fans community, he always loves to answer those questions in the sense of his musical language. This act of him makes him different from other musicians. Rod Wave net worth is highlighted by his day and night efforts involved in his music.

Rod Wave Biography

The readers of our article will be surprised after knowing his ambition, which he already started working on, is the creation of his studio, which will be located in Miami, Florida.

People talk about his net worth and also search about how much is Rod Wave Net worth, height, age, and weight. So in this article, you will find all the answers to your queries about him. He is an American rapper worth around $ 5 million approximately in 2023.

This will be sad to know about his childhood. He faced many challenges in his childhood era. When Wave was in elementary school, his parents were divorced, and his father went to jail.

His family was not enough to feed him, and he could not meet his expenses. Then Wave decided to go to the street and search for some work. Then, later on, he met with his musical skills and got famous day by day. He expanded the audience of his fans and worked hard on his raps.

You will nearly learn about his physics while reading this informative article.

How much does rod wave make per show?

Rod Wave is a music artist and video director, and his quality added more value to his net worth. Considering his net worth, he can make $ 1 million+ per show. This would be a satisfying answer to this question about how much rod wave makes per show. His net worth justifies this answer.

Rod Wave Age

He is 23 years old, and if we talk about his birth date, you can easily calculate his age by knowing his birthdate. He was born on August 27, 1999.

Details about his Family

Rodarius Marcell Green is well-known by Rod Wave. He is unmarried but in a relationship with Kelsey Dee Colemanand they have two children.

We also learned about his children. There are twins of him, namely:

  • Kash Green &
  • Mocha Green.

He is a resident of the United States of America and was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, in America. There are no such details about his parents.

Height and weight 

The fans are desperate to know Rod wave height and weight.

His height is: 168 CMs

His weight is: 98 KGs.

Hit Album

Through back to 2019, his song got viral on youtube and got millions of views on his song named “Heart on Ice”. Most of his albums were the fires and people got crazily listen to and enjoy his music in parties and pubs. His one of the most famous debut album “Pray for love” also got viral in 2020.

Interesting Facts

Real Name Rodarius Marcell Green 
Known as Rod Wave
Age 23 years old
Date of Birth August 27, 1999
Birthplace St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
Height 168 cms
Weight 98 kgs
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black
Education Lake wood High School
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Profession Music rapper
Net worth $ 5 million
siblings Not Known
Parents Not Known
Wife Unmarried
kids 2 kids

Social Media Accounts

Instagram 6.5 million Followers Click here
Youtube 4.89 million Subscribers Click here
Twitter 1.3 million Followers Click here
LinkedIn N/A N/A
Pinterest N/A N/A


Car Collection

He has a vast range of luxurious cars which enhances his personality. He keeps updated about all the No.1 cars and gets the most luxurious car on his list.

There is a list of cars that he owns is mentioned below:

–         Maclaren GT 

–         Ford Raptor

–         Mini Cooper

–         BMW Sedan 


Ques: What is Rod Wave real name?

Ans:   His real name is Rodarius Marcell Green. 

Ques: How much does rod wave weigh

Ans:   His weight is 98 kg.

Ques: How tall is Rod Wave?

Ans:   He is 168 cm tall. 

Ques: Where is Rod Wave from?

Ans:   He is from St. Petersburg, Florida, United States.

Ques: When did Rod Wave start rapping?

Ans:   He started rapping at an early age.

Ques: How many kids does Rod Wave have?

Ans:   He has twins.

Ques: How much does Rod Wave make per show?

Ans:   He makes around $1 million+ from a single show.

Ques: How much is Rod Wave worth?

Ans:   He has a worth of around $ 5 million.

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