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The unusual diet of liver, raw flesh, and bull testicles often leaves fans wondering about Liver King net worth and his overall lifestyle. This article will discuss Liver King net worth, biography, height, weight, and many more.

Liver King is a famous social media personality known for consuming liver and bull testicles.  His rapid growth on social media platforms has left us unhooked about his lifestyle so let’s go ahead and dive deep into it.

Early Life 

Liver king real name is Brian Johnson, and he was born on 7 April 1977, in San Antonio, Texas. His childhood days were quite unhappy and sorrowful after the passing of his father. 

His mother then raised Brian, and his whole life turned upside down when he started going to the gym in San Antonio.

He received his early education from a local school. He joined Texas Tech University in 2002, where he managed to get his hands on the Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science in Biochemistry.

Shortly after some days of attending the University, John dropped out and got his job in a Pharmaceutical Company.

Brian Johnson was a fitness freak and a Gym rat, but what encouraged him into sports was his pharmaceutical job which was pretty high paying, allowing him to venture into sports like snowboarding.

Brian was referred to as “Mark Wahlberg” by his classmates, which was pretty big considering Mark was a famous Calvin Clein model at that time.

Liver King Net Worth

People often search for Liver King net worth due to his unreal popularity on social media. Liver King net worth is approximately around $12 Million as of 2023. 

Most of his earnings come from the sales of his supplement business “Ancestral Supplement,” through which he earns about 500,000 per year.

He is currently a successful entrepreneur, bodybuilder, and a self-titled CEO of an ancestral lifestyle. 


Brian Johnson started his job at a pharmaceutical company; due to the high pay of the job, he indulged in many other expensive outdoor activities like snowboarding. 

He met his wife, Barbara, while snowboarding in 2004. That lady came into his life and changed him forever.

Barbara was a doctor in the profession at the time she met Brian. After they began dating, they decided to open a dentist practice which they later transitioned into a successful nutritional supplement.

Brian rose to fame after he started promoting the raw meat eating trend, which instantly got him on the trends and online popularity due to his unusual lifestyle.

He often appears in videos and podcasts where he chews down raw meat and encourages others to do the same to build an unreal physique like him.

After Brian and Barbara got married, they settled down with their three kids. While growing up, their family was prone to many viral infections and diseases.

They would often catch a cold, fever, and allergies and would get sick. Brian had enough and was eager to find a cure to avoid such illnesses.

Brian now gives massive credit to the fact that he and his wife fed their children healthy and well-raised organic animals. 

Liver King started this trend of following their nine ancestral diet plan, which immediately hit the internet and rose to massive fame.

Liver King Ancestral Principles

To maintain his beast-like body, Brian believes in these nine principles to preach, build, and manifest his ancestral model system

  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Connect
  • Move 
  • Cold
  • Fight
  • Sun 
  • Bond
  • Shield 

Liver King Net Worth and Biography

Real Name Brian Johnson
Nickname Liver King
Profession Social media personality & Entrepreneur
Net Worth $12 million
Date of Birth 7 April 1977
Spouse Barbara Johnson
Age 45 Years Old
Weight 80 Kg (176 lbs.)
Height 5 feet 7 inches (1.7m)
Children 2
Nationality American


How did Liver King make his Money?

After Brian married Barbara, He founded a dentist practice with his wife for some time which they later sold. 

After closing down their successful dentist practice, Brian and Barbera decided to sell nutrition-rich supplements and started their influencing journey on various social media platforms.

His wife, Barbara, had a massive role in Brian’s ancestral supplement business, leading to his fame as a muscular athlete influencer on social media.

Their unusual intake of nutrition-rich food is built upon their principle of 

“ancestral lifestyle.” 

Their diet consists of Bone marrow, raw flesh, and liver, consistently pushing themselves to an absolute limit.

Liver King’s Social platforms

Instagram @liverking
YouTube @theliverking
Facebook @liverkingtribe
TikTok @liverking


How did Liver King get Rich?

His primary business is related to his nutrition supplements made from animal organs, vitamins, and protein powders. 

It provides numerous health benefits and claims that the modern diet keeps us from a healthy lifestyle. According to some sources, Brian’s ancestral supplement programs earn him around 1$ to 10$ million in revenue.

The average monthly traffic on his website is about 175,000, and the estimated delivery of 80$ product with a 2% conversion rate generates Brian a yearly revenue of $4 million. That’s not all because Brian earns an additional $24 million from his Amazon sales.

Liver King claims to be the founder of his ancestral products, so if the average monthly profit from his nutrition supplement is around 38%, he makes around $3 million in profit.

Real Estates of Liver King

Brian Johnson lives in an 8,300 square foot Spanish style mansion with his family in Austin, Texas. It could be more precise if he owns or has paid for it since the average homes are $7 million.

The house includes a large sauna, pool, shower, and many exciting things. We estimate that his home could be around $4 million.

FAQs about Liver King

How much is Liver King worth?

Liver king net worth as of 2023 is around $12 million

How old is Liver King?

Liver King is 45 years old as of 2023. 

Who is Liver King wife?

The liver king wife, Barbara, is a doctor in the profession.

What is Liver King real name?

Liver King’s real name is Brian Johnson.

What is Liver King famous for?

Liver King is famous for his unusual ancestry diet containing animal organs, liver, and raw flesh.


We’re at the end of this article now. In this article, we learned about Liver King net worth, biography, age, height, and many more things you probably didn’t know before.

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