Jelly Roll Wife aka Bunnie Deford Net Worth 2023 – Detailed Bio

Jelly Roll wife (Bunnie Deford) rules over millions of people’s hearts through social media platforms. She is popular among people because of her Youtube existence which is so powerful, carrying millions of subscribers.

Jelly Roll’s wife net worth is around $2 million approximately due to her high social media presence.

FAQs about Jelly Roll wife


 Ques: Who is jelly’s wife?


Ans: Jelly’s wife (Bunnie Deford) holds great potential of fans on various social media platforms as a creator by creating Youtube videos.


Ques: What is her real name?


Ans: Her real name is (Bunnie Deford), and she is renowned as Bunnie Xo.


Ques: Is she jelly’s real wife?


Ans: Yes, Bunnie Xo is jelly’s wife.


Ques: How old is Bunnie Xo?


Ans: Bunnie Xo was born on January 22, 1995, and now she is 28 years of age.


Ques: When did jelly roll and Bunnie Xo marry?


Ans: Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo tied the knot of their beautiful relationship on August 31, 2016.


Ques: What do you know about the family of Bunnie Xo (Bunnie Xo)?


Ans: Jellyroll and wife (Bunnie Deford) have a family of 4, which are as under:


1. Jason Deford (Husband).

2. Bunnie Deford (Wife).

3. Bailee (Daughter).

4. Noah (Son).

Interesting Facts about Jerry Roll’s Wife

Jelly roll’s wife name Bunnie Deford
Birth Date January 21, 1995
Gender Female
Birthplace Houston
Age of Bunnie Deford 28 years – 2023
Husband Name Jelly Roll (Jason Deford)
Nationality American
Profession Podcast host, model and youtuber
Jelly roll wife net worth $2 million
height 175 cm
weight 68 Kgs
hair color Blondie
eyes color Brown
Bunnie Xo’s son Noah
Bunnie Xo’s daughter Bailee
boyfreind Not Known
Bunnie Xo’s salary Not Known
Jelly roll wife income Not Known

Jelly Roll’s Wife Likes Vs Dislikes

Bunnie Xo favourite color Black
favourite Actor Leonardo DiCaprio
favourite Actress Monica Cruz
hobbies Travelling
Jelly rolls wife favourite singer Madison Beer
Jelly roll wife don’t like Blue, orange, and grey color


The early life of Bunnie Xo

Bunnie Xo went through a very tough childhood era. Bunnie’s father was a musician. When she was three months old, her stripper mother ran away, and at the age five, her father married a woman named Michelle.

She was unhappy with this step of her father, and she left home at 14 due to her stepmother’s strictness.

She was not satisfied with her relationship with her stepmom. Therefore, she decided to quit relation with her homies.

Jelly roll wife education

Bunnie joined Walter V Long Elementary School towards the east side. She joined another school named John C Fremont Junior High School, where the high authorities of the school dismissed her.

There was a significant reason for her disqualification from the high school, which caused her to fight with her class-fellows.

Jelly Roll’s wife’s education journey was very much dramatic. Jelly Roll’s wife finally got her GED degree and called fully graduated.

Husbands and Relationships of Bunnie Deford

Many of us know this information about Jelly Roll’s wife; her third marriage is with musician jelly roll (Jason Deford).

Yes, you heard it right. The jelly roll is the third husband of Bunnie Xo.

Jelly Roll’s wife was not happy enough with her ex-husbands. She was gotten tired of taking care of her ex-husbands. Therefore, she decided to leave them and marry jelly roll.

Now, jelly roll and his wife are a happily living couple, and therefore, this act of theirs added grace and met the new height of their fan following list, and hence jerry roll and his wife’s net worth in 2023 exceeds around $ 2 million approximately.

Bunnie before Plastic Surgery

In 2019, Bunnie opened up the truth and shared about her plastic breast implantation surgery. This will shock to know you all to discover that this was not her first Plastic Surgery. Many other surgeries happened to enhance the beauty of the body and face.

Bunnie’s husband jelly roll weight loss journey.

Mr. Jelly Roll didn’t try to lose weight. He is always well-focused on his music rather than losing weight, leading him up among the stars in the sky who always shines. However his fans insist him to start his weight loss journey for better health.

How Jelly Roll and Bunnie Met?

Jelly Roll and wife (Bunnie) met at the most famous concert named Yellow Deftones, where Jelly Roll proposed to Bunnie Xo, and then they decided to get married and live happily.

It’s been almost six years, and their marriage life is still running smoothly on the love track.

The love birds welcomed their first daughter warmly, whose name was Bailee.

Bunnie’s social media accounts

Instagram: 940k followers – Bunnie Xo actively post that she and her husband

jelly roll pictures and videos daily

on her Instagram account named Bunnie Xo.

Youtube: 261k

subscribers – She posted videos on Youtube for the fans of jelly roll and Wife,

and there she hit millions of subscribers on her Youtube channel, which enhances

the new height of jelly roll’s wife’s net worth.

Website: Podcast

– Jelly Roll Wife also has gotten so many fams by doing a podcast of celebrities and gained many followers through a single money-making podcast.

Here is a mini recap of this article

Let’s take a moment to review this whole article about jelly roll’s wife, Mrs. Bunnie Deford. She was rough in her childhood as she was not anyone’s friend; instead, she preferred to stay alone and got disqualified from the high school due to her lousy image as she always behaved weirdly and fought all the time with her class-fellows.

Her lousy behavior had come from her childhood incidents when her stripper mother left her alone and ran away, and without caring, her father preferred to get a stepmother who was strict and nasty. Her childhood was quite difficult for her.

Therefore she decided to leave home early and started making her career by struggling so much.

On this journey, she meets jelly roll and marries him, and now they both are happy couples who live like shining stars in the sky.

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