Chrisean Rock Net Worth ; 5 big Secretes of Chrisean Rock

Welcome to the world of Chrisean Rock. Today we will open the life of Chrisean Rock and share her secrets with you regarding Chrisean Rock net worth, music career, biography, age, height, weight and so on.

Chrisean Rock is an American singer who mostly sings rock-based music. Chrisean Rock is a well-known singer, vlogger and a successful model too.

Have you guys ever wondered how much is Chrisean Rock worth?

Chrisean Rock net worth is around $ 2 Million because of her vast fan community on social media platforms.

Chrisean Rock is renowned for her rock music, a heartbeat of millions of Americans. Therefore, she rules over her fans’ hearts, and her songs always work as a mood changer in seconds. Chris Rock’s fans love to listen to her rock songs mostly. Because many people adore Chrisean Rock, Chrisean Rock’s net worth expanded by $ 2 Million.

Chrisean Rock Early Life Stage

Chrisean Rock is a sister of 11 siblings. Her real name is Chrisean Melone, born in Baltimore, Maryland. Chrisean Rock has a birth date of March 14, 2000. 

She came from a family where her father went to jail, and Chrisean Rock could not meet her father. We don’t have exact information about Chris Rock’s family and her siblings as she never disclosed the names of her family to the media.

The mother of Chrisean Rock was unable to support a family as she was dealing with her drug addiction habit and was greatly affected by her bad habit of drug addiction. Chrisean Rock’s mother tried several times to get rid of this habit but couldn’t find any way to escape this bad drug addiction.

Chrisean Rock Childhood Abuse

Chrisean Rock has poorly been abused in her childhood by her family. The news of which has been revealed by local Fox News. 

Despite these facts, Chrisean Rock never stopped posting family pictures on her social media accounts. Chrisean Rock always has a spark of an obedient child.

Chrisean rock Interesting Biography

Real Name Chrisean Melone
Known as Chrisean Rock
Age 23 years old
Date of Birth 14th March, 2000
Birthplace Baltimore, Maryland, U.S
Height 5 ft 4 inches
Weight 64 kg
Eye colour Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Education Graduated
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Profession YouTuber, Vlogger, singer and influencer
Net worth $ 2 million
siblings Eleven

Social Media Accounts

Chrisean Rock Instagram

3.2 million


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Chrisean Rock Youtube



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Chrisean Rock Twitter 1 million


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Chrisean Rock Tattoos

Chrisean Rock has five tattoos on her body, and she aims to hit seven numbers in tattoos on her body. The tattoos of Chrisean rock reveal her relationship with Blueface (her boyfriend).

Chrisean rock tattoos contain a picture of her boyfriend (Blueface). The act of Chrisean rock is speaking louder about their relationship.

Chrisean Rock Education

According to different resources, Chrisean Rock graduated with an associate degree in 2020 and was also awarded as the top runner in her community.

Chrisean Rock Relationship

Chrisean rock has a relationship with a famous singer or musician known as Blueface; we were shocked to know that her boyfriend Blueface was Chris rock’s boyfriend.

Chrisean Rock Fights with Blueface

Chrisean Rock punched the face of her beloved boyfriend, Blueface, and the video of their fight got viral everywhere.

Chrisean Rock’s Dady fights with Blueface.

Her father has a serious fight with her boyfriend, the video of which got released on social media platforms, and the father of Chrisean Rock got dishonoured.

Chrisean rock & Blueface Back Together

In 2022, both were released through a reality show named “Crazy in Love”. Despite their issues and big dirty fights, they don’t neglect their crazy love for each other.

Music Career

Chrisean rock started her music journey in 2020 when she began her music career as a hip-hop singer and released the following music albums:

– Keep Swimming ft. Blueface.

– Vibe. 

– Word to my brother & 

– Rainy Days.

Chrisean Rock participated in the show Blueface by signing an agreement with him and got a place in Blueface’s show named “Bad Girls Club”.


Ques: What is Chris Rock’s net worth?

Ans:  Chrisean Rock net worth is around $2 million approx.

Ques: Where does Chris Rock live?

Ans:   Chrisean Rock lives in the U.S., Baltimore, Maryland. 

Ques: What’s the source of income of Chris Rock?

Ans:   Chrisean Rock earns around $0.5 million+ every month, and she has a strongly built network audience from where she got views on her Youtube Channel; also, she is a brand singer.

Ques: How many siblings does Chrisean Rock have?

Ans:  Chrisean Rock has eleven siblings.

Ques: what is her real name?

Ans:  Her real name is Chrisean Melone.

Ques: What is Chrisean Rock height?

 Ans: Chrisean Rock height is 5 ft 4 inches.

Quick Report about Chrisean Rock Net Worth Growth

Chrisean Rock Net Worth in 2023 $2Million
Chrisean Rock Net Worth in 2022 $0.2 Million
Chrisean Rock Net Worth in 2021 $555k

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5 Key Facts Pulled by the life of Chrisean Rock

  • If you want to get successful in life and want to show yourself to the world, then you must become a risk-taker person in your life.
  • As Chrisean Rock was abused by her family but never lost hope and tried many times, Chrisean Rock has given all of her time to her music career, and now she is at the top that everyone wants to be.
  • Being stubborn is not much worse than being careless about your loved ones. We admitted that the way Chrisean Rock behaved with Blueface was unacceptable. Still, she didn’t stop loving his boyfriend, Blueface, and later on, they both came on the screen together, having an extreme level of bonding in their relationship.
  • Being a well-known celebrity, Chrisean Rock always shows her sweet gesture to the media and never disgraces any person in the media. So always shows your soft gesture that’s how you will start growing yourself and become a brand like Chrisean Rock.
  • All that matters is Chrisean Rock net worth, which is around $ 2 Million due to her hard cord of work and her passion towards music.

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