Blake Shelton Net Worth

Blake Shelton is the name you must have heard if you are into country music. Blake Shelton net worth is something many readers are interested in knowing. 

His epic voice with soulful guitar strum is enough to catch anyone’s attention. He came into the music scene in 2001.

Ever since then, he has never disappointed us with his music. He got a huge fan following and is considered a crowd-puller. Sit tight and read the complete article for exciting details below.

Blake Shelton Net Worth in 2023

There are tons of contributing factors to Blake Shelton net worth. He got Grammy award nominations; he owns restaurants and personal assets.

He got many sponsored deals. He got millions of views and engagement on his songs on Youtube. These many factors are enough to keep fortune rolling in. 

His annual salary is around $30 Million. Surprised? It is not uncommon among Musicians of this caliber to attract money like crazy. 

As of 2023, His net worth is around $120 Million. He owns many assets across the country and lives a pretty lavish life. 

Why is Blake Shelton so famous?

He got a popularity boost further thanks to NBC’s popular hit show “The Voice.” His participation in this show as a coach covers all 22 seasons.

But before he became a judge at “The Voice,” we had listened to his albums for quite some time. He gained considerable fortune and wealth with almost two decades of fan following and media presence.

Due to his immense achievements in the country music genre, he got into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 2014. This is something we can say, is the highest honor one can ever receive in the genre of music. There is a huge list of awards he won throughout his career.

Blake Shelton’s salary on “The Voice.”

Blake joined “The Voice” in 2011. He earns more than $10 Million each series. Now add that amount up to 10 times for 10 seasons and yes the answer is around $100 Million. This is the approx. figure he earned during his tenure in “The Voice”

But does it really make him the richest coach and host ever? The plain answer is “No”. We have some other names like Shakira and Ariana Grande who have earned over $240 Million through their coaching at TV shows.

Blake Shelton’s Real estate assets

About 1300-acre ranch is the property of Blake. He owns this property in his hometown Oklahoma. Well, this is not enough. He also has some lake houses where he spends his vacations.

We do not know the exact worth of this real estate, however considering the location, size, and beauty of his ranches. We can safely say that their value would be in millions of dollars.

Recent Tours

Besides the voice, there are many other shows that Blake has hosted so far; this also includes Barmageddon. Recently he was on Honky Tonk tour with Jackson Dean, his fellow, and Carly Pearce as well. His recent tours were full of old-school smashing country music. He visited several bars where the audience enjoyed his performances. 

Blake Shelton’s announcement of leaving NBC’s “The Voice”

On Oct. 11, 2022, Blake Shelton announced his decision to leave NBC’s show after season 23. But why did he decide to leave the show? He once gave some remarks about it that he just needed some time off so leaving the show might be a good idea to take some time off.

Bio, Age, Height, Net worth, Zodiac Sign

Full Name Black Shelton
Net worth $120 Million
Date of birth June 18, 1976
Age 47
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 5 Inches
Nationality USA
Sources of wealth Professional singing, coaching and hostin
Marital Status Married
Ex wives Kynette Gern (m. 2003 div. 2006)
  Miranda Lambert (m. 2011 div. 2015)
  Gwen Stefani (m. 2021)
TV Shows NBC’s “The Voice”
Music Genre Country Music
Grammy award nominations Total 9 nominations
Music record Total 40 singles (28 Number ones)

Early Life

Blake was born in a financially mediocre family. His mother was a beauty salon owner. His father was a car salesman.He began to practice singing at the age of 11-12. Meanwhile, he was working on his singing skills, his uncle started to teach him a guitar.

He learned basic chords and strumming patterns at an early age. Blake developed his signature style in the country music genre over time.

He was so talented that he started to win awards in his hometown local performances.

Turning point of Blake’s childhood

After the age of 16 Blake Shelton decided to pursue singing and music as a full-time career choice. To pursue his dream, he got a job in a music publishing company. There a guy helped him get his first proper music contract with Sony Music. That was a turning point in his career.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

In 2014, Blake first met with Gwen Stefani at the popular TV Show “The Voice” that we talked about. After a few years of relationship, they tied the knot in 2021. Both of them have one thing in common. Both were dealing with their divorce in 2015. Both of them left their respective partners in the year 2015. So, this is the common emotional trigger for both them to share their feelings with each others. 

After working in the show “The voice” together, they developed a bond. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been together since then. Both seem different but they make a perfect couple.

They dated for almost five years when Blake praised her and said that he was thankful for her as she saved his 2021 and also the rest of his life. 

This turned out to be a common “Emotional” aspect of their relationship. They began dating in late 2015. Blake also featured her in his song “You may it feel like Christmas”.

How tall is Blake Shelton

This question hits the mind of his fan that how tall is Blake Shelton in actual. He is a pretty tall guy and Blake Shelton height is around 6 feet 5 Inches precisely. 

Blake Shelton famous albums and songs

 Ever since our favorite star decided to rock the country genre, he released over 11 albums. In 2001 he released three singles, named “Austin”, “OI’ Red” and “All over Me”.


 His song “Austin” turned out to be a huge success and broke some serious records. This song reached at number 1 spot on Billboard in the genre of country music.

“The Baby”

His album “Dreamer” was released in 2003. This album brought him more fame as one of its songs “The Baby” turned out to be a number-one hit.

“Some Beach”

Blake’s Shelton’s Barn and Grill was released in 2004. This album gave another hit song which was “Some Beach”

“Honey Bee”

This amazing song was released in his album “Red River Blue” (2011). Ever since then, many fans of him call him “Honey Bee”

You can read some more details about him on wikipedia

 Some notable achievements and awards

 Some of his notable achievements and awards are mentioned below:

  • 10 Country Music Association Awards
  •  6 Academy of Country Music awards.
  •  CMT Artist of the Year award
  •  Over 10 CMT Music awards
  •  8 American country awards
  •  7 People choice awards
  •  3 American music awards
  •  1 Billboard Music award
  •  1 heart Radio award
  •  27 ASCAP awards
  •  People’s magazine sexiest man alive in 2017

Some notable nominations

  •  Nine times for Grammy award
  •  Best country album award
  •  Best country solo performance
  •  Best music film

Blake Shelton’s daughter

It is a well known rumor that Sophia Bollman is blake shelton’s daughter. But this is not true, she is not linked with him in any case. He doesn’t have any biological daughter. 


Question: Did blake Shelton die?

No. He is alive and doing well. 

Question: did blake Shelton have a baby

No. He doesn’t have biological children.

Question: did blake Shelton leave the voice

Yes, He decided to leave The Voice

Question: Did Blake Shelton ever date Sheryl crow

According to him, it was just a hook up for limited time. 

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