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Who doesn’t love wearing stylized and trendy sneakers? When we talk about sneakers, It’s hard not to mention Adeel Shams net worth. Famous for his brand named Cool Kicks, Almost every sneaker lover wonders about Adeel Shams net worth.

In this article, we will uncover the mystery’s hiding behind Adeel Shams net worth, his business journey, early life, age, height, education, career, and many other interesting facts you probably didn’t know before.

Who is Adeel Shams?

So you might be wondering who Adeel Shams really is. And why is he being talked about on the internet? Well, Adeel Shams is a well-known sneaker retailer and the founder of the company Cool Kicks. 

He has made quality products and shoes, making him the successful businessman he is today.

His brilliant work of art in sneakers is what truly made him wealthy and famous. Adeel Shams net worth, as of 2023, is estimated to be around $15 million, and it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if his net worth increased in the coming days due to his fantastic work of customer service and quality products.

Adeel Shams Net Worth and Biography

Name Adeel Shams
Profession Sneaker Retailer, Businessman, CEO
Net Worth $15 million
Date of Birth 6 October 1991
Age 31
Height 5 feet 8 inches (1.70m)
Gender Male
Instagram @coolkicksla
Linkedin Adeel Shams
Facebook N/A

Early life 

Adeel was born in the city of Los Angeles, California, on 6 October 1991. While his real name is Adeel Shams, some close friends call him by his nickname, Adeel. 

He’s amiable, often shares birthday pictures, and honors his family for providing him with endless support and love.

Adeel Instagram is full of great party pictures, vlogs, and many other exciting moments he captured in his life. Adeel is very active on his social media platforms.

Adeel has always had a pretty delightful childhood. He loved playing around with friends and was a very disciplined kid. Ever since Adeel was a child, he wanted to become a successful businessman so that he could provide his customers with the best quality products.

Adeel Shams came from a really supportive family. His mother and Father have always motivated Adeel to do more incredible things and strive for success. However, when Adeel considered starting his business, he didn’t get any help from his family whatsoever. 

Despite not receiving any guidance or help, Adeel Shams still worked hard, his dedication was top-notch, and he didn’t waste a second to earn his success.

His passion for becoming a successful entrepreneur and businessman is what drove him towards success. isHe wouldn’t be the man he is today without his sheer will and desire for glory.

Adeel Shams is a brilliant and professional businessman, constantly striving for more knowledge and wisdom. He has learned every strategy on how to handle a business and what things are required to fully stabilize it in the longer run.

He received his early undergraduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and then later joined Master of Science in Creative Brand Management from VCU Brandcenter to get further knowledge.

Adeel believes that in order to achieve success and win in life, it is essential to gain as much knowledge and grip as you possibly can get, especially in a world where businesses have become more prominent.

Adeel is an excellent example of how education can help you fix your daily issues and make you build a more financially stable life.

Adeel Shams Earnings, Salary, and Income

Adeel is a very well-known sneakers retailer, especially in the US region. He has always provided his customers with top-quality products and incredible customer service. 

According to some sources, Adeel earns approximately 700k USD annually just from his sneakers sales. His monthly salary is estimated to be around 58k USD, while he earns 2k USD on a daily basis.


Adeel Shams is not an ordinary man some might think he is. He is a multi-millionaire who started his company in the Sneakers industry. He’s the founder of “Cool Kicks,” which allows him to sell quality products and different varieties of shoes and sneakers.

His own brand helped him attain a massive amount of wealth and fame, allowing him to become a millionaire just from his one business. Adeel Shams net worth, as of 2023, is whopping $15 million.  

Adeel Shams Net Worth

Adeel Shams is one of the most well-known sneakers retailers and businessmen. Being the CEO of his company, Cool Kicks, enabled him to sell hundreds of sneakers and other quality products. As of 2023, Adeel Shams net worth is a whopping $15 million

He has attained a large portion of his wealth through this business, earning thousands of dollars every single day.

Cool Kicks is a famous sneaker brand in the USA, and it’s popular for its quality shoes and products. This brand has helped Adeel earn a lot of money and propelled him into the world of entrepreneurship.

Personal Life and Close Relationships

Adeel Shams keeps his personal life pretty private, so not much is really known about his wife or girlfriend. As of now, Adeel Shams is single.

Adeel Shams Height, Weight, Age, and Others.

Adeel Shams, as of 2023, is a 31-year-old businessman and sneakers retailer. He stands around 5 feet 8 inches while weighing approximately 77 kg. Adeel believes that in order to sustain a successful life, one should also focus on physical health as well as mental health.

Adeel is a very active person, constantly striving for ways to improve his physique and stay healthy.

Some Interesting Facts about Adeel Shams

  • Adeel Shams net worth is $15 million as of 2023.
  • He is the CEO of a famous sneaker brand, Cool Kicks.
  • Adeel Shams was born on 6 October 1991.
  • Adeel Shams height is 5 feet 8 inches tall
  • He weighs around 77 kg.
  • Adeel received his undergraduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.

FAQs About Adeel Shams

What is Adeel Shams net Worth?

As of 2023, Adeel Shams net worth Is estimated to be around $15 million.

What is Adeel Shams Height?

Adeel Shams height is measured to be around 5 feet and 8 inches (1.70m)

How old is Adeel Shams?

As of 2023, Adeel Shams is 31 years old. He was born on 6 October 1991.

Who owns Cool Kicks?

Adeel Shams is the founder of Cool Kicks, a well-known brand of Sneakers.


With that said, In this article, we learned everything about Adeel Shams net worth, including his early endeavors, career, height, weight, age, personal life, and many other surprising facts only a few of you were familiar with.

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